western decorThe origin of décor dates back to cavemen when they started painting pictures on the wall to accentuate them. This later progressed into sculpting rocks into beautiful statues. In the 16th century Rome, area rugs were put on the wall because they were too expensive to be walked on. By 18th century, the mass production of home décor made embellishing a home inexpensive. Today décor is more practical and tailored to the owner’s persona and necessity.

Have you ever wondered why we have trouble sleeping in a guest bedroom at our friends place versus our own? The answer is simple. Our decor is so ingrained in our lifestyle that it works with us through the day. Our habits are built around the home we design. And since a human is a creature of habit, we notice the change that we are not around our stuff. Our home is our happy place. After family, the decor is the next most important entity that provides us the feeling of security and comfort.

We live in an era where material possessions define our affluence. However, there is an opposite movement where the motto is “less is more”. Irrespective of what side we are own, there are basic necessities that both groups of people need. The choice of decor by each side will clearly illustrate their dispositions. A person who wishes to flaunt their style would choose grandiose decor with expensive price tag. The second group would actually go for a more functional decor that could serve multiple purposes, like a couch with a pull-out bed. A simple choice of decor can thus help us understand the core beliefs’ of a person.

The decor of workplaces is now carefully selected to demonstrate the operating ethics of a company while making sure it is ergonomic. The decor at pediatrician’s office will be different than an internist’s office decor because it is prudently chosen to furnish to their target audience. A lab decor is carefully chosen to ensure easy clean up while a restaurant decor defines itsambiancee. A room assumes its character by means of the décor used. Hence, a room will just stay a room if there were no décor in it.

If a room would tell a story, then décor would be its language. The decor would not only tells us about the purpose of the room but also about the person who it is tailored to. Human beings depend on their possessions to feel a sense of contentment and comfort. One of the most important part of it is decor. A home is made when the people living it place surround them with their unique southwestern decor that caters to their lifestyle. Without these knick-knacks and unique objects, it would still be a strange place that they would not be able to call it theirs. The pride of ownership of a house comes when they buy it, but when you make it a home, you truly feel it.

Hence I feel décor is so much more than an item we own. We mirror a part of our personality by our choice of a simple decor like a door mat. The importance of décor is deep-rooted in us!