The Birth of Southwestern Decor

western decorThe origin of décor dates back to cavemen when they started painting pictures on the wall to accentuate them. This later progressed into sculpting rocks into beautiful statues. In the 16th century Rome, area rugs were put on the wall because they were too expensive to be walked on. By 18th century, the mass production of home décor made embellishing a home inexpensive. Today décor is more practical and tailored to the owner’s persona and necessity.

Have you ever wondered why we have trouble sleeping in a guest bedroom at our friends place versus our own? The answer is simple. Our decor is so ingrained in our lifestyle that it works with us through the day. Our habits are built around the home we design. And since a human is a creature of habit, we notice the change that we are not around our stuff. Our home is our happy place. After family, the decor is the next most important entity that provides us the feeling of security and comfort.

We live in an era where material possessions define our affluence. However, there is an opposite movement where the motto is “less is more”. Irrespective of what side we are own, there are basic necessities that both groups of people need. The choice of decor by each side will clearly illustrate their dispositions. A person who wishes to flaunt their style would choose grandiose decor with expensive price tag. The second group would actually go for a more functional decor that could serve multiple purposes, like a couch with a pull-out bed. A simple choice of decor can thus help us understand the core beliefs’ of a person.

The decor of workplaces is now carefully selected to demonstrate the operating ethics of a company while making sure it is ergonomic. The decor at pediatrician’s office will be different than an internist’s office decor because it is prudently chosen to furnish to their target audience. A lab decor is carefully chosen to ensure easy clean up while a restaurant decor defines itsambiancee. A room assumes its character by means of the décor used. Hence, a room will just stay a room if there were no décor in it.

If a room would tell a story, then décor would be its language. The decor would not only tells us about the purpose of the room but also about the person who it is tailored to. Human beings depend on their possessions to feel a sense of contentment and comfort. One of the most important part of it is decor. A home is made when the people living it place surround them with their unique southwestern decor that caters to their lifestyle. Without these knick-knacks and unique objects, it would still be a strange place that they would not be able to call it theirs. The pride of ownership of a house comes when they buy it, but when you make it a home, you truly feel it.

Hence I feel décor is so much more than an item we own. We mirror a part of our personality by our choice of a simple decor like a door mat. The importance of décor is deep-rooted in us!

Various Pros and Cons of Vinyl Flooring

You have a number of options when it comes to deciding on the flooring for your home. You can spend obscene amounts of money on flooring or you can choose something that not only looks good but is within your budget. One of the popular options available today is vinyl flooring.

There are a number of advantages of investing in luxury vinyl tiles as it helps in maintaining an overall impressive look but does not cost that much. Here is a list of some of the major pros and cons of vinyl flooring.


One of the biggest advantages of choosing vinyl tiles is that these are available at an affordable price. So, if you have a tight budget and want to spend more of the budget on other parts of the interior design, you can choose vinyl tiles in order to save some money on the flooring.

Another big advantage is that vinyl tiles can be installed anywhere. For instance, you can also install them over the existing floor to save money on installation. On the other hand, installation of other types of floors is going to cost you a lot of money.

Vinyl tiles are affordable but it does not mean that these are not as sturdy as some of the other options. You can rest assured that these will keep performing at a high level even when you install them in your kitchen.

There was a time when buyers were restricted to only a few designs but things have changed a lot over the years and these days, you can buy vinyl in a variety of designs. In fact, people will help a have hard time distinguishing between a vinyl floor and the real thing.


It may lower the value of a home in some cases. For instance, some people do not like vinyl and only want the real flooring material such as tile, stone or wood.

Another important thing you need to keep in mind is that while vinyl tiles are great for almost all the rooms in your home, these may not perform as well in places where there is too much moisture. Too much moisture may also lead to discoloration of the floor.


Overall, vinyl offers you a great flooring option at an affordable price. However, you need to ensure that the tiles or sheet are installed in the right manner and match the overall aesthetics of your house. So, search online and find the right design matching the other parts of your house to get a floor that looks great and is easy to maintain.

My minimalist living room plant

Well, I am not very good at writing essays so I will just share a story with you about me and my personality with Décor. Let me start off by telling you a little bit about me. I am 46 years old, a grandmother of six beautiful grandchildren, and entering back into the college atmosphere again. I want to open my own little ‘Mom & Pop’ store, so I have decided to take some Business courses and go after a Business Degree/Certificate.

I was a single mom of three all through my 20’s and 30’s. I lived on my own and each time I moved I decorated my residence different, giving each one its own personality. My very first condo I decorated in the black and white cow. Funny to think of it now, but it was very popular back then. Using the simple colors of Black and White was easy. After a couple of years, though, I got really tired of receiving gifts that only consisted of black and white cows. I was happy to move and change the theme. I went with Animal Print themes for the next place I lived. It was beautiful. It all started with a huge picture I purchased from a Home Decorating Company. I really enjoyed having my home look like a jungle in one room, and a forest in another. It was relaxing and comfortable while I was working full time, attending college and of course being a single ‘soccer’ mom. My third place was a small apartment and I was not ready to give up my pool table so I planted it right in the center of my living room and decorated my home with orange fairy lights out lining the ceilings and pictures of all the greats like Elvis Presley and BB King. I hung I flat screen TV in one corner of the living room and placed a little love seat couch opposite and on the other side of the pool table and my minimalist living room plant.


When you walked in, it was an ambiance of comfort and make yourself at home. My home now is rather simple. It’s very homey with pillows and comfy chairs. Live plants everywhere and coffee ready to go. The entire house has sayings all over with humor scattered here and there. The kitchen has a big plaque on the wall when you walk in that says ‘Kitchen’. Each room is labeled in that sort of humorous manner. But there are other sayings hung or painted on the walls, propped up on their own stands or even a casual book laying around. Saying things like the Serenity Prayer, ‘Instant Human Just Add Coffee’, ‘A Friend Is Someone Who Knows All About You And Still Loves You’, ‘Chocolate Causes Clothes To Shrink’, etc.  Each room has its own theme as well.  Having chosen what looks to be white chocolate, dark chocolate, and red velvet cake, we call the Living Room our chocolate room because of the contrasting colors I painted it.  I have finally let my inner child out with my bedroom which I call the fairy room with its purple and lime green walls, fairy’s, dragons, wizards and castles everywhere. The bathroom is butterflies, the kitchen is made to look like an old witches kitchen,  my roommates room a forest.

To me, the feeling of being comfortable in my own home is the most important thing to achieve. My home is my oasis, my island away from the world yet a place to bring friends and family together. Now it will also become, yet again, a place for me to study and sharpen my business skills. So it is important for me to feel at ease with no other worries. I love how I decorated my home with these quirky sayings and fantasy decorations. When people walk in my home for the first time, they feel comfortable enough to take off their shoes and have a cup of coffee. There is no better feeling.

Western Style Decor

western decorAs I have been planning to decorate my room for the fall semester, I have found myself wondering “Why do I need to decorate? It’s not like I’m going to be in this room for more than a year.” First, yes I might only be in my dorm room for a year, but in that time I will be in there an average of 15 hours a day.  That is about 1,680 hours for one semester, and that is a long time to have a bland and boring room. The time I will spend in my room will predominately be studying, relaxing, and sleeping, so why not make it feel comfortable.  Second, this is the first time I will be away from home so making it feel welcoming and home-like will help with homesickness and separation anxiety.  Thirdly, the way you decorate will have an impact on your attitude, for example, yellow makes people feel happier while red makes people more anxious. So when choosing western style decor, remember that what you use can impact the way you feel every day and you might not even notice it.

Fourth the way you decorate and what you do with what you have says a lot about who you are as a person.  Undoubtedly I will have a guest or two over to my dorm by the end of the year, and I do not want to portray something negative about myself to whomever I am bringing over.  I do not want a new friend to think I just simply do not care enough to decorate, which could make them think that I do not care as a person.  Finally, this is my first time that I can truly express myself.  If I want to put tapestry’s on every wall, I can.  If I want to give my room a certain theme, I can.  College is a great place to figure out who you are on the inside and what your personal goals are, and you can always change what you have put out in your room.  So to me, décor is important because of image, self-reflection, self-help, and to just express myself.

What You Need to Know About Southwestern Area Rugs

southwestern area rug

A southwestern style rug or carpet has a certain style. Desert colored, with natural hues can be used to describe the style. A dull orange, a sunny yellow or a turquoise color are usual signs of a design with a southwestern style.

A shawl woven of wool can be used as a great decoration for walls to create a southwestern style to complement your southwestern style carpet. Leather and or suede fabric is commonly used in a Southwestern style decor for furniture. Curved and or slightly burned pine with knots in it makes great looking southwestern style beds, couches, and nightstands.

Terracotta and clay pottery or tile roofing is common in a southwestern style. Mexican ceramic pieces painted with 16th-century style can create a great looking dessert home style. Countertops, walls, floors, or tiles can be hand painted and used to accessorize your southwestern style rug or carpet.

Southwestern carpets are very easy to clean. Either a quick sweep through the day or a through vacuuming once a week is all you really need to keep your brightly colored southwestern style rug or carpet looking like brand new. Made to be durable and easily cleaned, Southwestern-style rugs are the perfect in home accessory.

Sallisaw, Horse Thieves, Coweta or El Dorado are some popular southwestern rugs you might find online. Inspired by the natural rolling landscape and beauty of the American southwest. Shaped in circular, square, or rectangle being the most popular, there is definitely a southwestern style rug for you. If you’re interested in purchasing any southwestern rugs, check out:

Patterns very greatly. Most importantly a pattern that catches your eye is the most important. Usually, a pattern that you like is available in a different or even several different kind or color schemes. Color matching to the colors and schemes you already have in your home is a suggested way to accessorize your home in a classy way. Taking a photo of the carpet you are thinking of buying and placing it in the area of your home you are thinking of putting it is a great trick to realizing whether or not the certain carpet or rug is the right fit.

The most southwestern design is heavily influenced by the Navajo and or other Native American tribes styles. Hand made with bright colors, rocky textured and earthy toned. Southwestern Style gives praise to a time when everything was handmade to order unlike our modern way of producing products.

Adobe red, cactus green with the sunshine yellow and turquoise are indicative of a great southwestern style.

6 Tips for Buying Western Curtains



Western curtains can accentuate the beauty of your homes. It can make your room appear more spacious and beautiful. Moreover, it can give your dull and boring room a refreshing new look. While buying beautiful curtains, there are several things you should keep in mind such as size, shape, color, the purpose of using the curtains, and the place where you are going to put the curtain such as window and door.

Here are five tips for buying beautiful curtains for home from curtain shops:

1.Size and Shape
Depending on the size and style of the window frame or door frame, you can determine the size and shape of the curtain you should buy. Curtain shops specialize curtains for different rooms such as shower curtains, kitchen curtains, etc. Curtains shops also take orders for making custom made curtains. Buy curtains that easily maintained so that you do not have to spend money on dry cleaning quite often.

2.Design and Colour
As far as design is concerned, you have plenty of options to choose from such as pencil pleat, French pleat, cartridge pleat, slot pleat, puff ball heading, etc. Colour is also one of the important Bright colors like yellow will make your room appear bright. Floral and paisley imprints are the most preferred choices when it comes to curtain designs. Ideally, you should buy those curtains whose color does not get affected by artificial and natural light.

Another major factor that requires being taken account for curtains is the texture of its fabrics. Linen fabrics give a crisp look to the room and also make the room cold. Chiffon, silk and velvet curtains can give your room a sophisticated and elegant touch. Make sure that the quality of the fabric is good and does not shrink on washing.

4.Purpose of using curtains
Open curtains can be used at home whereas you can buy regular looking ones for offices. Formal curtains usually do not come with floral imprints or any such imprints, but they are rather made plain with attractive folding. Curtain shops sell specially designed curtains and draperies for offices.

5.Ambiance of the room
The decor curtains you should go with the ambiance of the room. In other words, the color, style, and design of the curtains should gel well with the color, style, and design of the walls and furniture.

6.Best time to buy curtains
You can get curtains at lower prices if you shop for them during the sale. Curtain shops sell off their old curtains that are in perfect condition at low prices to introduce newer stocks.

These tips can only guide you in purchasing the right kind of curtains for your home. However, it depends upon your instincts as for how you want to decorate your home through curtains. If you are uncertain of the kind of curtains you should buy for your home, you can get in touch with an interior designer. He will help you choose the best possible curtains that will enhance the beauty of your home for many years to come.

The Importance of Building Decorating

Decoration is the act of making something look more attractive by putting things on it or around it. There are different types buildings and decorations are very important in them. These buildings include offices, schools and hospitals. Decorations include rugs, drapes, flower vases, wallpapers, and floormats. Decoration matters because, it beautifies our buildings, and environment. It gives meaning to a building, and it tells people what is going on in their surroundings. It is also used for protection. Decorations tend to bring the room together in a special way.


Decorations make buildings, and our surroundings beautiful and attractive. Beautiful places help attract a lot of people. Beautiful hotels attract people because of the type of decorations that are used in their buildings. These decorations help hotels get a lot of customers and money. Decorations helps homes to look luxurious. Some people have dreams of making their houses look like rich homes. These dreams can be achieved by using very nice decorations. Decorations do not have to be expensive to add beauty to your home. One just has to have a good taste in interior home design.

Decorations give meanings to buildings, and tell people what is going on in their surroundings.  Antique give meanings to buildings. They are decorations that have stories behind their reason of existence. Antiques are old, unique, and have ancestral value. Antiques add value to buildings. Decorations tell people what is going on in their surroundings. Events like parties, weddings, housewarming, and birthdays are known by their decorations. It is easier for people to know what is going just by the messages the decorations pass. Decorations are also important in celebrating festivities like Christmas and new year. Decorations have a way of making Christmas and new year more fun and enjoyable.

Decorations are also used for protection. Rugs are decorations that are used on the floors to make a house more attractive. Rugs also make the floor warm and protect us from cold. They also make the floor firm, unlike tiled floors, rugs don’t get slippery. Rugs protect people from falling especially children. Curtain are used to cover the windows. They prevent the sun from coming to our faces, and keep the room warm. Curtains also prevent people from peeping in other people’s houses. It gives people privacy of their homes.

Decorations may be expensive, but they are used for beautification, addition of value and protection. Some people do not know the importance of decorations, and consider it a waste of money. Decorations are important and people should learn to appreciate that importance and beauty.

An Exclusive Video Tour of My Home

I really love the style of this video. So many great interior design combinations. I think I might have to get the designer to give me a few pointers.  I especially love the look and feel of the bedrooms. So cozy!

Why I Love Home Decor

Throughout my time living alone and with fellow students who have different tastes than I do, I have learned a great deal about the importance of decor in many aspects of life. In my first year at university I was placed in an on-campus dormitory with someone who I had not known before move-in day, and as we unpacked and made our dorm room tidy, I noticed how her decorations were much different than mine. They required a lot of hands-on work to create and set up whereas my decor was already made and ready to be plugged in or used. We got to build a lamp, chair, and shelf set from delicate, intricate pieces, and my lamp, chair and shelf were purchased without needing to put in the labor. It was an excellent bonding experience, especially since that was our first time meeting, and I would have never imagined dorm room decor would strengthen our friendship for the long school year ahead of us. In addition, I am a member coordinator for my campus-sponsored organization, and part of my role is to plan and execute any social events for all club members. On top of all extensive planning for venue, time and dates, we spent a great deal of time planning our first event of the year, which was a Winter Social. We were given a budget and a short amount of time to set up the venue on campus, and by putting all five heads together, we were successful in our attempt to purchase everything we needed to decorate the room for the social.  Purchasing the decor was more than just narrowing down the options; we had to be careful to practice inclusion in our decisions so no one feels excluded, forgotten, or offended at the event. In our given thirty-minute time span to decorate, we had to act fast when an issue arose: half of the tablecloths that had displayed “Merry Christmas.” Knowing we were hosting a “Winter Social” not a “Christmas Party,” the team collectively decided to alter the decorations in a manner that would decorate the tables entirely, while using the things we had already purchased. The social was a success due to the teamwork put into the issue to bring about a solution. All in all, the importance of decor matters in life is to bring people together in an awkward or sticky situation, or maybe just to bring people together in general. For something that seems trivial to most, decor holds more usefulness and gravity than rings true, and it displays, literally, the work of many people putting creativity and brain power together to construct something beautiful.

Decor is the most important thing that gives character to any home. This is the truth based on my viewing of HGTV‘s various home improvement shows. A room can be completely transformed just by decor alone. Whether it be a country ranch feel or modern the sculptures, rugs, and various knick knacks tie in the character of the home. A simple rug can be a huge statement piece in a home depending on its pattern (I got mine from If you want to draw the attentions to the floors of the house then an area rug with a simple pattern is a great way to do so. It is interesting to watch these home improvement shows and see the before and after. Before decor is added the rooms seem literally empty and lifeless, but even just a pop of color with a nice painting makes the room enticing. In my opinion the thing that brings a room to life is plants. Plants make the room feel alive since it is actually a living thing. The various colors of green plants and different color flowers makes whoever steps into that room feel a bit happier. Staging a home in the perfect way makes for a marketable house, even when the actual structure of the rooms may not be that great.

Why Decorate Homes – The Importance of Decorating Homes

Home decoration such as interior décor is very important in life. It does not just cater for the home’s aesthetic beauty but also improves its functionality. Whether a home is being remodeled or built from scratch, decorating it cannot be overlooked. It is essential when decorating homes to ensure that the interior spaces are not just enhanced for beauty but are very realistic. Different homeowners have distinct personalities, needs and lifestyles, hence what a particular owner might consider attractive and beautiful might be quite awful to another. This shows that homes should be decorated to suit an individual’s needs and lifestyle while reflecting their personality.

Decorating homes can assist conceal design flaws and even customize homes to suit a homeowner’s lifestyle and needs. It is also possible to give interior spaces a perfect layout during interior design and decoration. There are several elements of design and décor that aid the decorating process of homes ranging from accessories like throw pillows and rugs to paint colors, to furniture and lighting to different design styles, among others. Although it is possible to hire professional interior designers to transform the look of homes, DIY ideas for interior décor allows homeowners to go about this task on their own.

There are various design ideas to borrow a leaf from for inspiration whether one is decorating kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, garages, kid’s room, toy room or even guest rooms, among others. With the right theme for the whole house or individual rooms, one can easily pick or purchase the right items to complement or contrast for an elegant and beautiful look. The manner in which small homes or interiors are decorated totally differs from those with larger spaces. Whatever room one is looking to decorate, there are endless interior design tips that they must consider.

Interior decoration makes use of tastes, style, and personality of the homeowner to come up with a stunning home that will leave guests and family gaping with admiration. It is possible to learn so much about a person from the look of their interior spaces because décor allows homeowners to express themselves through this medium. This also makes it essential for one to know what their space could be telling guests about them in order to avoid portraying a bad image. The use of color is one great way that this can be achieved.

The decoration of homes helps keep rooms clean and organized and thus alleviating stress and depression that usually result from having clutter. Moreover, one can easily create a desired mood and tone within their home. For instance, the use of the color blue in the bathroom would definitely create an environment that is cool and relaxing. There are various design styles that can be implemented when decorating homes in order to achieve a certain look and feel within the home. Some of the most popular styles include modern, contemporary, Mediterranean, Asian, Moroccan, eclectic, country, vintage, retro like Art Deco, Feng Shui and Hippie styles among others.

It is also possible to incorporate a mix of styles within the same home. Considering the tastes, likes, and dislikes of every family member living in the home are the key to a successful decorating project that is accepted and loved by all. It is important to make the family house feel like the home one wants to be irrespective of what they feel at any particular time through design. It is the place homeowners want to be after a long day’s work or day out.