Does Garcinia Cambogia Belong in the Superfruit Diet?

If you are a fan of Dr. Oz, then you have most likely heard of the Superfruit (SDF-3) Diet, the up-and-coming weight-loss tool. The Superfruit Diet consists of four components, which either individually or as a whole, aid in the process of weight loss. These components are the african mango, acai berry, Raspberry Ketone, and green coffee bean extract. Most recently they’ve also started using garcinia cambogia extract.

The african mango (or Irvingia Gaborensis) has been used for centuries as an appetite suppressent. In Africa, people used it on hunting trips to ward off hunger. The seeds in the african mango, called the dika nuts, were ground up and eaten to curb hunger. The african mango been considered “one of the biggest breakthroughs in weight loss history.

What makes it extraordinary is that it is stimulant free and completely natural. Many eople struggling with obesity have a high level of C-reactive proteins (CPR) which make it difficult to lose weight. The african mango contains a low level of CPR that combine with leptin (a hormone that determines of great of an appetite one has. As a result, one’s appetite diminishes. Dr. Oz calls the african mango a “breakthrough supplement” and ” a miracle in the medicine cabinet.”

The acai berry is a fruit containing anthocyanins and flavonoids which defend the body against normal, everyday stressors in life. They are rich in antioxidants, and play a role in protecting the body’s cells. In this way, they can aid in the prevention of diseases like heart disease and cancer, which are often caused by oxidative stress.

Raspberry Ketone, the primary component in red raspberries, is important because itregulates adiponectin, a protein which regulates metabolism. It breaks up the fat in our cells, which leads to faster fat burning. To get the same benefit in a 100 mg tablet of Raspberry Ketone through whole fruit, we would have to eat 90 pounds of red raspberries.

The green coffee bean’s most vital ingredient for weight loss is chlorogenic acid, which inhibits and slows down glucose, therefore allowing blood-sugar levels to balance out. Their role in the SDF-3 diet is to help prevent the body to absorb the fat we eat. It also boosts metabolism, leading to calorie burning.